Xiangrui Forbidden City Pro

UI / UX Design, Application Redesign

Project Overview
 Xiang Rui is the Chinese traditional symbolism system and its ranking order that was used in the Forbidden City in the past, like on jade ware, textile patterns, furnitures, architecture, and paintings etc. In order to intuitively communicate this order we implemented an iPad application with vertical scroll that illustrate a journey from heaven to ocean, through fluid interaction it decodes the meaning of each symbol and series of antique collections where it was implemented.

Moujiti (Beijing) Media Technology Co. Ltd
The Palace Museum

Entertainingly, intuitively
and Communicate Effectively spread knowledge of relics in the Palace Museum.

My Contributions
Existing user survey
Monitor and analyze user flow
Communicate research result with both technical team and design team

Content structure
Strengthen user interaction

Conducted wireframes for redesigned interactions
Redesigned UI
Created video introduction for ISO app store

  1. Existing user questionnaire surveyWe have collected over 200 copies of responds to our online questionnaires.    

We have collected over 200 copies of responds to our online questionnaires.

    2. Observe and analyze user flow    

We have monitored 20 more users in different ages in real time, recorded their behaviors and collected feedbacks.

   1. Adding new 170 traditional objects in 17 different categories - let them be digitized and educational     

Compare to the first version of Xingrui App, the addition of new 170 traditional objects need a clear structure to show different objects and easy-exploration in categories.

Easily readable
background knowledge.

   2 . Lengthen the time of exploring in Xiangrui APP     

Refine user experience
for exploring different objects

Design new games for playful interaction experience

The Challenge

What We Found From User Research?


 01. Confusion of Structures of Objects Orders

                               02. Hard to find different categories

        03. Information icons are not noticeable
Most our users reflected that they are not aware of the ranking orders of ancient animals and they cannot see the previous and next animals while they are scrolling. And from the observation, we found out user are frequently scroll up and down of the animal page.

Old Version:
From Research to Design

We decided to design a more clear landing page as well as the categories lists for showing the orders and better view of animals.

Updated Version:

Fings & Design Solution

2. Hard to find different categories
According to the survey, our users reflected that they want to know more information about the objects during exploration, for example, a clear age of objects, who was using that object, informations, the functions of the objects, etc.

According to the observation, we found out that users get confused about "how to get back to the home page", "why this animal doesn't have objects" while using the APP.

Old Version:
From Research to Design

We decided to have an information showing system and redesign the layout and typography. And design a clear initial introduction of how to explore the APP.

Updated Version:

        3. Information icons are not noticeable

3. In order to gain new users, we should find a way to encourage current users to share the the APP with their friends, and improve the sharing experience.

From Research to Design

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