Hey there!

I'm Chenyu Sun

I am a product designer and creative technologist! An interaction designer who can coding.

Currently studying at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program. Working primarily in product design, UX design and interactive media.

What I was working on

Recently I worked as an UX designer and developer at NYU ISDM, and as an interaction designer at American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)'s project . Before that, I worked as an interaction designer for about 1 year in Moujiti Technology (www.moujiti.com), and a musician for various animations and movies.

Product Design
UX Design
Web Design
Creative Tech
Music / Sound

Exhibitions & Awards

  • 2019 New Music Miami Festival
  • Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology (AWMAT), Elings Hall, University of California
    Santa Barbara
  • EMM Music Festival 2018
    Lewis University
  • Cube Festival 2018,
    Virginia Tech University
  • New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference (NIME)
    Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Multimedia Exhibition
    South Florida Art Center
  • UIUC VR Art Exhibition

  • Beijing International Design Week, 751 Design Festival
  • The 43rd International Computer Music Conference
  • National College Students’ Game Competition

Get in touch :p

I'm actively seeking opportunities in Product / UX Design. If you are interested in my work or blog posts, I would love to chat over coffee in New York!